Welcome to the team Hang & Bang application page! This entire process is still a work in progress and we will be sorting things out as we go. We thought we would only get a few people interested in being on the team but we soon realized this was going to be a lot larger than we originally anticipated! We hope everyone interested understands that even though we want to include everyone… we just cant. We don’t want this to be an over saturated team that ANYONE can just jump on. It would lose its coolness pretty quick if it were that way. That being said, you DONT have to be a big buck killer to make the team. We are looking for good, passionate people in the outdoors to join us. Please fill the form out below. We will be going over these soon and picking the H&B team! A limited amount of people will be chosen at first so we can learn how to manage all you crazy asses. Thanks and good luck!

Your Team H&B Captains

Austin Chandler and Ross Bigger will play a major role in choosing and managing the team.


The application process is now closed. Thank you for your interest.