Spring Time Is The Busy Time!

Well now that I've been able to sit down and take a small breather from all of the shed hunting and turkey traveling that I've been doing around the country, let's get caught up ladies and gentlemen. Spring time for me, each year, brings a ton of things to put on a guys plate that is a bowhunter. Shed hunting, pulling stands, turkey hunting, food plots and the list goes on and on. In this blog I'm going to give you a little insight on my spring so far this year. The highs and the lows will be documented.


Shed Season 2017

This year going into the shed season I was very excited mainly because I had a ton of feed out all winter and because I had a few giants that I really wanted to figure out and find sheds off of. Usually every year I walk somewhere between 250-300 miles looking for these precious pieces of brown gold. This year was no different, I hit the 278 mile mark and found 54 sheds in total. 11 were matches and I found 2 dead heads as well. My best day out was in March and i found 8 sheds that day. 7 in the same field!


Anybody who knows me knows I'm a shed addict. I absolutely love hunting them and love collecting them. Towards the end of the season I was able to grab my best set of the year off of a beautiful 5x5 that will likely be on the top of my list this year. Can't wait to see what he turns into. All in all I had a great shed season, quite possibly my best one yet!


Kansas Turkey trip 2017

Each year I travel to a few states and turkey hunt. I love getting out and hunting turkeys each spring with my bow mainly because it's a fun challenge and it breaks up the time between deer season ending and it beginning. There's nothing better than a big ol Tom in full strut gobbling his face off. Well, maybe a bugling bull elk, but that's for another day and another blog. Turkey hunting in other states is always a fun experience and Kansas has been one of my all time favorite places to go to. Lots of birds, otc tags and lots of public ground are what draws me to this state each year. 

Usually I punch both tags, but this year the man upstairs had a little bit of a different ball game planned for me.

My buddy Ryan and I had anticipated this trip for months. Although the weather forecast wasn't great, we were still eager to get out there and give her hell! We succeeded in trying and trying some more, but that was basically it. Hardly any gobbling, terrible weather, henned up birds and sore rear ends were the only thing we found/left Kansas with. Oh and a speeding ticket on the way home. Thanks again to that local trooper! Atta boy. Not like I needed that $147.00 anyways. We proceeded to race back for home where our Ohio season was just about to start the next day. Hopefully luck would change for me there in the Buckeye state.

Ohio Turkey

Just getting back from Kansas we were hoping to leave our bad luck there and quite excited about our season which was about to kick off. Usually the first week and the last weeks here in Ohio are on fire and lots of birds hit the ground. As luck would have it, our bad mojo from Kansas continued on. Little gobbling off the roost and extremely henned up birds lead to a very slow start for my Ohio season. But I stayed after it and continued to push through it hoping each day would bring me a big old paint brush beard and limb hanger spurs.


Finally, on May 7th I connected at 11am on a beautiful full strut bird with my Mathews in my hand. It worked out perfectly and the curse of this year had finally been lifted. He read the script perfect walking right down an old log road and then going past me so I could draw undetected and shoot him as he was walking away. It was a chip shot at a mere 18 yards and I couldn't have been happier to punch that first tag of the year.

Montana bear adventure

So this spring I decided to add another out west adventure to my plate. As many of you know I've fallen in love with the west and chasing all sorts of animals out there on our public lands with my bow in hand and a heavy pack on my back. A good friend of mine, Brian Barney who writes for Eastman's Bowhunting Journal and runs the Eastmans Elevated podcast, asked me if I'd like to join him for a spring black bear hunt in his home state of Montana this spring. I jumped at the chance and cannot wait to get out there and start pounding the mountains!


This will be a spot and stalk hunt with our bows on public land. Most of the time we'll be walking and glassing trying to find good grassy strips and meadows where these bear will be feeding. A lot of ground will definitely be covered as these bears seem to move around quite often and can cover ground fast. Its going to be an epic adventure to say the least. Beautiful country along with some fantastic hunting awaits and i cannot wait to get out there and get after it. With a little luck you're all going to see me behind a big ol bear with a badass blog entry to follow detailing the trip. Wish me luck, I'll probably need it!!! But either way I'm still gonna SEND ITTTT!

What's new for us here at WCB


Here at The Working Class Bowhunter we've got some fantastic new episodes that will be coming out in the following months. The whole gang is working very hard to bring you, the listeners, the best shows, audio and guests that we can. I think you'll really like our upcoming episodes and guests. Also for the blog we have some great storylines and some awesome topics we're going to be writing about as well. Make sure you guys leave your thoughts and opinions on the blogs main page. We appreciate the feedback.


The Third annual WCB archery shoot was over the weekend and it turned out great! A lot of fun was had by all and we appreciate everyone who came and supported us. Last, but certainly not least we now have a store with hats and shirts available to the public. Go check these out and support the best damn podcast out there! As always we want to thank each and every single one of you for listening each week and reading the blogs! Chase your dreams and go SHOOT YOUR BOW. Thats a wrap for me, hopefully the next time you see me I'm behind a huge color phased bear!