2018... YOUR Year!

2018 - A new year with new hopes, dreams and goals for all of us diehard bowhunters across the country! So many of us always say, “this is our year that we're going to do things differently” or “this year I'm going to make sure I go on a bowhunt for elk” etc etc. But how many of us actually follow through? Do we stick to our guns, or do we let all kinds of other things distract us and take us off course? Well my friends, this blog entry is all about WHY this year needs to be YOUR year to chase your dreams and accomplish those goals.

The Why

Why do we bowhunt? For myself, I bowhunt because it is a passion that burns deep inside me. Literally, its on my mind everyday and I honestly cannot get enough of it. My life wouldn't be the same, or nearly as fulfilling without having a bow in my hands and I know must of you feel the same. So, WHY aren't YOU carrying out your goals and chasing YOUR bowhunting dreams? Listen ladies and gentlemen I'm here to tell you all that life is short! I'm going to repeat this, “LIFE IS SHORT” so therefore time moves faster than we want to accept, let alone understand. So, why do we need to follow through with our desires and dreams when it comes to bowhunting? Well, simply because we never know when this is our last year, or last season to bowhunt. So “The Why” is this - why wait? We never know when this is our last year or season or hunt and that's the reality of the beast! Don't wait! Go after it and chase these dreams and goals relentlessly.

The How

A bunch of guys that I know always tell me this, “ man I'd love to go on some different style of bowhunts like you do, but I just don't know HOW you find the time or money etc” Well here's the blueprint that I use for success when it comes to sticking to my guns on following through on things related to bowhunting that I want to accomplish. First and foremost it all starts with a plan! Maybe the plan is to kill a mature buck this fall, or bowhunt mule deer in Colorado. Either way we need a plan to start this all off. Many months before these hunts take place a plan of action needs to be in the works. Maybe you need to research a unit for a tag, OR maybe it's about walking a piece of property in preparation for a new food plot. Regardless, we need a plan and from this morning that we need to make deadlines to keep us on track. I always try to make a detailed list of deadlines for myself when it comes to a plan of action. Remember this is YOUR dream, or YOUR goal that we're talking about making a plan for. From here it's all about executing our plan and sticking to our guns. Don't get complacent, or allow yourself to give in if things aren't going as planned. It'll all pay off, trust me.

The Drive

To me, this is the most important aspect of accomplishing a goal, or living out a dream. DRIVE and passion has to be in place. In today's world it's so easy to make excuses, or come up with reason as to why we cannot accomplish something. Well we haven't break that mold. We all bowhunt for different reasons and have different reasons why we love to bowhunt. So with that being said, one could say we have to have the drive to be successful at bowhunting. Well that drive is what we all will need to accomplish anything in life, no matter what aspect it is. Having drive will keep us on track of our goals and desires and it will allow us to make these dreams a reality. Of course there may be obstacles along the way, it will probably be tough, or even down right stressful at times, BUT it's our drive that pushes us to continue on. I honestly think 2018 is going to be my best bowhunting and writing year of my career. I have the drive and determination to make sure that it happens and most importantly the confidence in myself. The whole gang here at Working Class Bowhunter has that same mindset. To bring you all the best podcast and blog material possible is our goal and we damn well will make sure we do our part and stick to the plan.


So what are your goals for the year? How are you going to achieve them? I recently just accomplished a goal of mine, which was to pattern and kill a mature, old warrior of a buck here in the Ohio late season. It took grit, determination, passion and drive to accomplish this feat, but I stuck with it. We'll get more into this in a future blog, but my point is I accomplished a goal and forfilled a dream by sticking to my plan and continuing to hunt this buck. Are you going to stick to your plan? Will your dreams be accomplished this year? Are you going to go on that dream hunt you've always wanted to go on? Or kill a big Tom with your bow like you've always wanted? Or will you sit back and let time go by watching other hunters do the things you dream of doing and wishing YOU were them? That choice is yours!


Tell us about YOUR goals and dreams and what you're planning on doing to accomplish them. Stay hungry and stay motivated-2018 is not just my year, BUT it's YOUR year too! Go out and get it ladies and gentlemen. As always chase YOUR dreams, not your liquor and GO SHOOT YOUR BOW!


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