WCB Podcast #261

What a beautiful time to be alive right? In the midst of the Whitetail velvet season. Openers approaching as each day passes. Preparation picks up. Honey to-do check lists are being handled. Bows are being shot. Late nights glassing from gravel roads. All to increase our odds when time comes to be in the woods. 


But with extra time becoming a rarity. How do you consume the necessary information to take yourself to the next level. The days staying home and watching movies are gone, at least for me. For us non readers, to put it simply, it’s Podcasts. Recorded episodes downloaded to your phone with guests talking tactics until your phone goes dead. 


I was a new hunter in 2016 and had some success yet I never harvested anything. I want you to think about that because it will be important to understand the measures of a successful hunt through your progression. When I watched that arrow sail two inches over the Pope and Young buck’s back during a late November mid morning hunt. Sick to my stomach but my life changed then! 


Blindsided by the addiction coming at me I dove in head first like most would. Working Class Bowhunter Podcast is local to my area and I was familiar with some guys on the show just from growing up. I listened to thousands of hours of their show, taking in as much info as humanly possible. It’s the best hunt camp you can find hands down and quite frankly they’re the OG’s of the game. Ya I said it. 


But you won’t see me not crediting other platforms such as East Coast Bowhunting, Where 2 Hunt, HNTLND, Southern Ground Hunting, and Chasing Tales Outdoors! I believe the episode that impacted me the most was a Nine Finger Chronicles Episode with Josh Profitt. And when talking about public lands Josh said this, “most people set themselves up out of the game before they’re even in game.” And for me that was like a lightbulb went off in my head! 


I  in fact used this method after coming set up on stand in Illinois in 2017 when the gut feeling hit me that I wasn’t in the game. I packed up and climbed down immediately and moved to a more aggressive set which led to me filling a buck tag that evening!


My point is the time is now. There’s no excuse for not being able to access information and quite frankly you don’t need to even ask a question anymore do the research. It’s been that way for a while the only thing that’s changed is the free thinkers! Research info, Retain it, Apply it to your hunting style, and make adjustments from there. Number one, listen to your gut when it talks to you! We are living a change right before our eyes. Let’s continue the Unity. It’s not ours it’s just our turn! 


Go Shoot Your Bow!