Allison Rauscher

How To Enhance Your Trophy


Written By: Allison Rauscher

The first “wall-mount-worthy” buck I ever harvested, is by far one of my most prized possessions. It was a solo hunt; from choosing where I would sit, the fatal shot, field dressing, and then picking out what pose I wanted the taxidermist to use. Being my first shoulder-mounted whitetail, I envisioned it being at the center of my future trophy room display. Being the stubborn, “I-Know-What-I-Want” kind of girl that I am, I chose a straight-on, semi-sneak pose, despite my Dad’s suggestions. Little did I realize my feelings would change over time. While my Dad and I found cool ways to display him with our other mounts, I began to realize how limited I was by choosing that pose. For awhile, I thought that was just how it would always be.

Until recently, I had started seeing new and cooler ways to display mounts. Back when I was younger and would walk into a hunter’s home, you’d simply see whitetails just hanging up against the wall. At the time, that looked and seemed to be the best way to display them. Since then, I’ve discovered Full Range Hanging Systems, that allow me to display that first big wall-mounter in new ways.

Full Range Hanging Systems allow you to display your trophies in various ways. The system mounts to the wall and the arm of the system mounts to your trophy. You can adjust the arm at both ends, providing the ability to move and rotate your mount 180 degrees at any given time.

The Full Range Hanging System comes in several variations of designs; the Single System, the Double System, and the Corner System, which allows you to use every space of your trophy room.  The Single and Corner Systems hold up to 35lbs, whereas the Double System can hold up to 70lbs, giving you the versatility to mount your whitetail, mule deer, antelope, sheep, etc.

The Full Range Hanging Systems packaging contains all the materials and hardware needed, and is simple and versatile to assemble using minimal materials. They come with a one-sided sheet of directions with only a few steps that are incredibly easy to understand, but I didn’t even feel like I needed these. Both the Single and Double Systems come with  3/16” Steel Plates and a 1” x 3/8” Steel Swing Arm that is 8” long, and are required to assemble your system.

The Corner System is unique and versatile when it comes to filling each nook and cranny of your trophy room. It comes with essentially the same build, however, the Steel Wall Plate is customized to fit a 90 degree angle.

Full Range Hanging Systems are phenomenally sturdy, so you know you don’t have to worry about your trophy falling off the wall. You can purchase your Full Range Hanging System online or at any Cabela’s or Scheel’s store with prices ranging from just $34-$50.

I used to feel so limited by my pose choice for my first wall mount. With the Full Range Hanging System, it’s as if I have a brand new mount and I have so many new ways to display him. After discovering Full Range Hanging Systems, I’m not sure I’ll ever display another mount flat on the wall again!

For more information and to purchase yours today, you can visit You can also find them on Instagram (@fullrangehangingsystems) and Facebook.