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Clint Casper WCB

“The Clint Casper Collection”

If you’ve ever listened to the WCB Podcast then you will quickly hear about Clint Casper. Clint runs our blog “The Camo Collar”, writes for major outdoor magazines and is known for being an expert on bowhunting GIANT Whitetails.

Clint is always a riot on the show. High energy and full of passion for the outdoors. He is one our most requested guests and he’s always a listener favorite.

We have compiled all of the Clint Casper episodes into what we like to call “The Clint Casper Collection” … Enjoy!



EP. 311

Clint Casper is back again! If you need your mid summer motivation here it is! Enjoy! 

Covered in this episode:

  • Steve's news segment?

  • Montana bear hunt

  • Internal vs. external motivation

  • Feeling internal guilt

  • Personal pressure

  • Steve is still single

  • Summer scout discussion

  • Too much summer scouting

  • Don't F yourself

  • Summer deep woods

  • Right tools for the job

EP 307

Clint Casper is back! This episode covers everything from Montana bear hunting to deep whitetail tactics! Enjoy!

EP 263

This week we have Austin Chandler, Ross Bigger and Clint Casper calling in from Ohio to discuss everything late season bowhunting! The boys also discuss the lethal tactic of saddle hunting.

EP 257

Clint Casper follows up from the last episode (251) about closing the distance on a big Ohio Whitetail!

Covered in this episode:

  • The buck "Inline"

  • Hunting a new farm

  • Observation sits

  • Top 3 states for Whitetails

  • Hunting funnels

  • When in doubt, back out!

  • Shot placement

  • Post rut tips

  • Clints favorite Thanksgiving dish

EP 251

Clint Casper is finally back on the show! Clint talks tactics for hunting the rut and answers some listener submitted questions!

Covered in this episode:

  • Julian Loker - Military Shout Out

  • Styles of hunting

  • Aggressive hunting

  • Kicking a buck out of bed

  • Simple hunting tactics

  • Calling and scents

  • All day sits

  • Dogs?

  • Own the deer you shoot!

  • Shoot your bow

  • Matching tattoos?

  • Putting buck killing over everything else


EP 225

Clint Casper is finally back! Clint covers a ton on this episode so take some notes! 

Covered in this episode:

  • Veteran Shout Out - Blake East

  • Bear hunting - mountains vs. bait

  • Hunting different states / preference points

  • Deep into the back country

  • Early Whitetail work

  • Big bucks that got away

  • Sanctuary talk

  • eye pumping

  • much more!


EP 205

Clint Casper made the long trip from Ohio to the studio! This episode was recorded on a Friday night... so thats a fair warning! This episode goes from big Whitetails to Mountain Lions back to big whitetails to Steve and Curt arguing about Bigfoot! Enjoy with caution!


Ep: 185 A one on one podcast with Curt Geier & Clint Casper on hunting midwest whitetails late season.

Covered in this episode:

  • Clint's speed goat

  • Tags for next year

  • Late season Tactics

  • Social media questions

  • Second rut?

  • Different ground with rut activity

  • Entry & Exit routes

  • Late season crop

  • Alternate food sources

  • Calling late season 

  • wind

  • Big Ohio 280"??

  • Much more!!


EP: 160 Clint Casper, joins the show again this week. Clint covers tips and tactics on being more successful for early season hunting and how to evaluate certain situations to create the correct game plan for putting a big whitetail on the ground. 

Key points covered in this episode:

-strategies for opening day/early season-targeting specific bucks
-key ingredients to successfully hunting the early season-early season stand/foodplot/camera prep
-strategies for opening day/early season
-targeting specific bucks
-key ingredients to successfully hunting the early season
-common mistakes made BEFORE season even starts
-wind direction and moon phase and why YOU should live and die by them both
-overlooked early season food source
-and dating tips for bowhunting the early season! (Go on dates in the morning, NOT the evenings and here's why)

New Camo Collar Blog from Clint Casper - 


Ep 149: Clint Casper joins the WCB crew again this week. Clint is an Ohio boy who is completely full throttle and full of passion. Enjoy this episode as the fellas cut up with him yet again and catch up with all his antics. Enjoy!

Covered in this episode!

  • Shed hunting

  • Turkey Stuggles 

  • Future Bear hunts

  • Bold Hunt Predictions

  • Tattoos

  • Hunting Camp Nonsense

  • & more


Ep 120: Clint Casper joins the fellas again on the podcast to discuss everything late season hunting. In this episode Clint covers key topics for hunting late season pressured deer. If you're wondering how to slip in on that late season buck or questioning your tactics this episode has the information you need to increase your success in the last stretch of bow season! 


EP 116: Clint Casper joins the fellas this week. Clint talks about his strategy of hunting the wind in order to get a specific buck. He also discusses his upcoming article in Petersens Bowhunting magazine. Clint is a riot and fits right in with the fellas sense of humor.


  EP 051: This episode of the show avid bowhunter and freelance writer, Clint Casper joins the fellas on the show. Clint is a highly experienced bowhunter, from midwest monster whitetails to hunting mountain lions out west. He shares with us some of his experience in the world of freelance writing and of course his awesome hunting adventures. Tune in to learn about Clint, his experiences and how he fits right in with the guys on the show.