Curtis Geier


Home Town:    Sherrard, IL

Years Hunting:   15 years

Favorite Outdoor Memory:  

Helping my dad blood trail his first big Pope & Young buck back when I was a youngster. I consider this the turning point in my obsession and it was such a positive and exciting memory.  A big late season buck taken with 8" of snow on the ground. 


People you looked up to growing up:

My hunting heroes that I watched on TV all the time: Realtree Roadtrips, Monster Bucks, and chuck Adams. Theres so many more. It's hard to make a list. 

I also looked up to a group of guys I grew up hunting with: My dad, Jim Burns, Jeff Pals


Favorite thing about Archery / Bowhunting:

I love the fact that you can take it as far as you want. You never know it all.


Currently your favorite bands:

Tyler Childers, Sturgil Simpson, Cody Jinks, The Devil Makes Three, Comeback Kid, Evergreen Terrace. Really anything just depends on my mood. 


Favorite hobby besides bowhunting?

I'm wanting to focus back on my bike riding days in the summer months and focus on 3D archery more. I find myself getting more and more into collecting tattoos.

Bucket list hunts?

All archery of course. Elk, Moose, Mule Deer. I think a Super 10 with a bow would be a great experience. 


Engineering Technician / Product Development for John Deere

Bow: Elite Tempo