Eric Hamann


Home Town:  Eldridge, IA

Years Hunting: 15 years Hunting, 6 years bow hunting

Favorite Outdoor Memory:  I shot my first buck when i was 14 and the rest is history from there, i was hooked from that moment.

People you looked up to growing up: Of course my old man. If it wasn't for him I would of never been introduced to the outdoors/hunting. 

Favorite thing about Archery / Bowhunting: My favorite part about archery/bowhunting is that you can never know everything, I am always learning something new all the time. Archery can take you into 3d, shooting spots, or just shooting in the back yard. Archery is a huge mental game and also a stress reliever for me. There is nothing better getting off work and shooting a few arrows or getting the boys together on a weekend and go hit up a 3d shoot. When it comes to bowhunting its really a all year job. Even though bow season is only open for about 3 months it takes all year to get ready for those 3 months, from setting stands, checking stands, cutting shooting lanes, checking trail cams, and everything else to make sure everything is ready to go for Oct. 1st.  That is the the thing i love about bowhunting, its not just a harvest that fall but its the new stuff i learn from the podcast and research to make that season the best possible.

Currently your favorite bands: I don't really have a favorite band. I listen to all kinds of different music.

Favorite hobby besides bowhunting?  Drag racing, even though I have not had time to race as much as I would like too.

Bucket list hunts?  Velvet Mule Deer, Elk, Black Bear, Red Stag, Velvet Whitetail. The bucket list is really unlimited for me. I would just like to shoot as many critters as possible until i can hunt anymore. 

Occupation: Welder

Bow: Elite Ritual - WCB EDITION